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Gonna hit up the legitimate theatre tonight:

For the past four weeks, Dell’Arte teachers have guided the actors through the Melodramatic territory, a style normally associated with twirling mustaches and maidens tied to railway lines. Six, student-devised, 15-minute plays explore moral dilemmas, neurosis, obsession and the struggle against repressive forces.

Sounds like my kind of thing. I like watching people perform stuff they create, and the fact that it's at bunch of 15-minute vignettes means that if any one is kinda awful -- which with student work is virtually guaranteed, and as it should be -- it will be over soon and the next one will be better. I think it'll be nice.

In nerd news, comment spam has reared its ugly head. I'll be tweaking things to try and change that so my apologies if that prevents you, my beloved readers, from yakking back at me.

And now, a grab-bag of thoughts with spring in the air.

For starters, here's a pointless 20-second video of my man Mark's "outdoor bike garage":

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Aggregation: Keeping Track of Friends and Whatnot Online

Apropos the post below, I started thinking a bit about the number of friends (let along colleagues, fellow-travelers, etc) put their stuff out there online these days. I think it's great, and I like pulling together the network. But "blogrolls" are so web 1.0.

In that spirit, here's new little featurette here on the OJ.com, aggregation. I just took 15 minutes and plopped in a bunch of feeds from friends and family, and the results are good so far. I plan on working this into a AJAX widget similar to my tag cloud at the top o' the page here, and heck, even if I'm the only one to use it it's worth my while.

For instance, I discovered this and this and this. My people are up to amazing wonderful things.

So this feature, such as it is, will evolve a bit. Content from the aggregator will get more categories, and make its way up to the front page in some blocky headlines-only pop'n-and-lock'n form. Let me know if you've got something I aught to include.

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My Friends Are A Creative Band of Wags

There's more here at The Kevin Murphy Show. Apparently the real thing will begin to air soon. This is a collaboration between a whole lot of folks I know back in BKLYN. Sassy bastards.

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"We have artists with no scientific knowledge and scientists with no artistic knowledge and both with no spiritual sense of gravity at all, and the result is not just bad, it's ghastly!"

-- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I am an artist!


Originally Staged 11/30/2000 in the Shop Theatre, via The Experimental Theater Wing (New York University Tisch School of the Arts). Directed by Josh Koenig. Lights by Shaun Fillion. Sound by Alex Gideon. With Frank Robbins as Phillip, Andrew Elsas as John, Jamie Proctor as Sarah, Maria-Elena Lopez Frank as Celia, John Norman Schneider as Conner, Melissa Zygmant as Athena and Jonathan Ross as Sal. Everyone gets a chance to play the shadow.

Performance Text

I like to write. This is an archive of text I've written and probably performed or otherwise presented. I welcome anyone to pick this up and run with it, just don't plagarize or sell it or make a ton of money without cutting me in, ok?

Stuff here runs the gamut from talking pieces I've done at various [[Axiom|axiom performance lab]] events to a full lenth play ([[nitewerk]]) that I produced and directed at the conclusion of my collegiate career. I'll hopefully add more stuff as I make it up.

Presence is Perfection

More detail on the idea that Presence is Perfection.

Axioms of Living

Josh's Axioms Of Living


[Note: this is a stub taken from 2002-era content; evolving.]

Open relationships(?), pro-miscegenation propaganda, equations for living! All that and more here at wild bohemian value days!

You can read a lot of my philosophy and life belief in my art. I think I'm an artist first. Hence the armchair prefix to the philosopher title.

Getting Back Up On That Art Horse

I've been thinking a lot about [[Art]]. Lately, my personal struggles have reminded me a lot of the latter years of college, spiraling through various creative processes in The Experimental Theater Wing, getting stuck in third-person camera mode (that way it can get for actors, where you watch yourself), stewing in a simmering pot of personal loneliness, confronting an uncertain future.

It's been very difficult to be "in the moment" lately. Admittedly, I don't have are real call to be there as part of a production or anything, but it's one of my core [[Axioms of Living]], the idea that [[Presence is Perfection]]. It's a tense and pensive place to be, one foot in the past, one foot groping for some perchase on the future; pissing on the now.

There are several ways I can think of confronting this, but the one that stands out, is the most frightening, and probably therefore the best, is the idea of getting off my fat careerist ass and being creative again.

There are lots of unanswered questions from that point. Form is a big one. When I came out here originally I told a lot of people I wanted to write a book, which I haven't done. I did end up writing a chapter which may or may not be included in something, which is nice. However, while putting together 8,000 or so words was a good exercise, it didn't really scratch that original itch. I don't particularly have any ambitions (at this point) to deal with the world of publishing, but going after an ambitious writing project is one possibility that appeals. It would have to be some kind of real freaky Gonzo head-explosion, but that's possible. Writing on a tear would give me some of the release I need.

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