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Aggregation: Keeping Track of Friends and Whatnot Online

Apropos the post below, I started thinking a bit about the number of friends (let along colleagues, fellow-travelers, etc) put their stuff out there online these days. I think it's great, and I like pulling together the network. But "blogrolls" are so web 1.0.

In that spirit, here's new little featurette here on the OJ.com, aggregation. I just took 15 minutes and plopped in a bunch of feeds from friends and family, and the results are good so far. I plan on working this into a AJAX widget similar to my tag cloud at the top o' the page here, and heck, even if I'm the only one to use it it's worth my while.

For instance, I discovered this and this and this. My people are up to amazing wonderful things.

So this feature, such as it is, will evolve a bit. Content from the aggregator will get more categories, and make its way up to the front page in some blocky headlines-only pop'n-and-lock'n form. Let me know if you've got something I aught to include.


Can't access the aggregator. Sounds cool, but I can't see what you are talking about.

And no, I'm not a robot either.

Fixed the old accessamatron. This should work now.

I would love to be one of the aggregates


Sorry I didn't get you in originally. Done and done.

That rocks Josh. Loving the new design, too.

Muchas Gracias, el jefe!