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Nature, The Power Of

This is kind of amazing and cute and terrifying all at once. I assume mr. Cobra has been de-fanged; the kid seems to love it.

And here's some amateur safari footage that'll cheer you up on any day when you feel like it's all gone wrong. Be sure to watch through to the conclusion:

Ok, one more, and not of nature. A repost of sorts, but because Fred and I watched this at Yearly Kos and I remembered how funny it was. Wahsington, Washington, six-foot-twenty / fucking killing for fun...


But the first strikes me as the heart of irresponsibility on the parent's part. Sure this snake is defanged, and the kid is having fun. What happens when the kid as a toddler comes across a snake that isn't defanged? The child now has a powerful emotional response that says, "Its a toy, lets play with it!"

I had the same response, but I can't imagine this isn't something they're not thinking of. For all we know, they're a family of snake-charming performers. My honest guess is that they probably live in an area where Cobras are not super-common (e.g. any city of size), so no big deal.

i mostly feel bad for the snake. it is way freaked out and getting squozened by careless baby hands.