"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Back in the US(SR)

I'm back in Estados Unidos once more, surviving 10 days in bustling, socialistic, publicly drunken Yrup. I have more extensive scribblings on the subject of "does humanity stand a chance" based on my experience, but those are for another time.

For now, notable notes:

  • Copenhagen = "Hopenhagen" and we did DrupalCon Europe under a 1.8Mw wind turbine. It was a rousing success.
  • Signing party for a new company (Pantheon Systems, Inc) in some very Cybersyn-like chairs in our hotel. Many thanks to Vilas for handling all the paperwork.
  • My new little Starling netbook did a good job on the plane/etc, but I need to get a bigger battery. Already on order.
  • The first rule of Manticore is you don't blog about Manticore.
  • Pedi-cab driver fantasies abound. If this whole company thing doesn't work, I could still burn it all down and make an honest living.
  • London was quite lovely, staying with The Rina. Strange what was familiar and what wasn't from 15 years ago when it was my first big-city experience.
  • Henry IV Part II at the Globe = Awesome. Watched from groundlings in a light rain, so sore fetd and a damp jacket, but way to be up close and personal. Roger Allam is a superb Falstaff (I'm not the only one reminded of Christopher Hitchens it seems) and the whole experience was just magical.
  • Also attended Carnival, which was a festival of public excess, but pretty great too. Innovative public urinals they have there; also, very large cans of beer. One hand just washes the other.

Anyway, back to the regular grind. So far I'm making the jetlag work in my favor with very early mornings and tucking to bed soundly by like 11pm. We'll see how long that lasts.