"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."


I've been slammed against the wall. No time to blog, but I've run across a bunch of links that are working through the back of my mind. Collecting them here so I don't forget:

The Locust Economy

The Case For Less

Bitcoin, Energy and the Future of Money

The Moral Limits of Markets

Destructo Salon: Does Matthew Yglesias Enjoy Murder?

And this quote from Atrios:

The full employment fairy will help, if it ever arrives, but I'm just not sure it can when we have a nation of low wage workers and a political class who has no understanding of what that's like.

Imagine what I'll have to say!

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Radio Silence

Hey yeah so I'm sorry I haven't blogged in eight weeks. It's been a pretty busy summer! I've been heads-down working on Pantheon, trudging through the wintery-summer that is San Francisco in July and August. We had a pretty killer party at my house, and I did a very "early 30s" kind of getaway weekend with some friends up the Mendo coast, but other than that I've just been grinding, reading books, and trying to get the future laid down.

More soon on all that.

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Level 17

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