"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Level 17


Yay! It's almost party time! :D What time are you guys in on Tuesday?

Thanks, man! Also, as to your observation about career and love, I have an addition. We both reduced time on career, found eachother, and developed a great foundation. However, our relationship, ultimately, is what spurned us to go back to school and seek out demanding, and ultimately fulfilling (hopefully), careers in law and education, respectively. Just a thought, maybe sometimes taking a break opens up new opportunities that then catalyze reinvestment in past, or future, endeavors.

OMG you will not want to leave Argentina. We were there almost exactly two years ago and I still daydream about a return trip at least weekly. What's the plan?

Also, A. had a baby?! I must be missing the facebook boat somehow.

Also, 2, let's catch up after you're back from your travels; I'd like to talk bidness.