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Las Vegas airport has free wifi, which happens to reach the airplane while we wait for fuel (delayed by lightning). I'm in the midst of a travel run and it's wearing on me. New York was a much much better visit -- real good to see the Fam and have more time for enjoyment -- but I got sick again, probably from staying out all night on Saturday and maybe sleeping w/air conditioning.

It's not an evil flu, but rather a pernicious cough. I'd probably have it beat, but yesterday I flew real early back to Oakland, and today I'm my flying to Chicago started early as well. Nothing like sleep deprivation and air travel to boost the immune system. Still I feel I'm fighting through it. Feeling better today than yesterday, etc.

Life seems to be firing at me with both barrels though: I discovered last night when I got home that my car was stolen! Moamar, come home! Now, we always knew this was a possibility. It's easy to break into my car, and you can start an '88 Toyota pickup with virtually any car key, or the same screwdriver you used to break in even. Still, it's a bummer. The Lande man is flexing his Pig contacts to track it down, but I'm not holding out too much hope.

Possessions are fleeting, and we shall overcome. It's just a wrench in the works with a high cost of hassle.

UPDATE: Fortune smiles! My truck turned up impounded in Richmond, just as predicted. Moamar apparently got mixed up in a Grand Theft Auto, as a suspect was caught on video leaving my vehicle and breaking into another. I'll have to talk to him about getting involved with the Wrong Crowd, but I'm glad to know he's safe and sound.

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That's how we do it in Richmond baby.

Hey Josh,
Congrats on getting your car back. Good to hear you got your car back. St. Louis is a particularly bad town in terms of car theft. The adage here is "if your car gets stolen, you better hope it doesn't turn up again." Namely, that since St. Louis is hopelessly landlocked and there is no trade of shipping hot cars over to China or Vlodavostoc or whatever, they're usually just joy rided or off-roade and beaten to a bloody pulp when you get them back. My mom's was stolen out of our cozy, suburban driveway and involved in a police chase. It gave a cop car a pretty good thwack, but luckily insurance covered both our and the cop car.

Glad to hear Moamar is safe.

so what you're saying is that the cops stole (impounded) your wheels after catching a lowlife looking to swipe something from the inside?
I can't imagine 19 year old pickups being too high up on the desirable-vehicles-to-steal list.

My car was stolen off the street in Berkeley, driven to Richmond (about 5 miles north) at which point the individual who took my car got out and stole another car, which was captured on video. The 19-y/o pickup isn't all that desirable (although it can be parted-out pretty easily and profitably, which was my worry), but it is extremely easy to rip off. Sort of a "target of opportunity," I suppose.

Congratulations! This truly is proof that you have scorpion power! Three cheers for the return of Moamar. (Don't forget to check the seats and side panels for troublesome items)