"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Morning Coffee and Links

Some quick hits for ya:

The word of God on the topic of blogging, which is a mixed bag but fantastically interesting. Social networks are the devil. (credit: samuel)

Quote of the Morning:

"[I am] the only one on this stage who has a tough policy. I want to build the walls. I want to make sure there is no road to residency. I am the son of a legal immigrant. There are people today who attempted to come here as legal immigrants and died. Now we’ve got people flooding into this nation for no other reason than they want a better life for themselves...

That's 4%-polling Republican candidate for CT-Sen Alan Schlesigner, who came out swinging in last nights debate vs. upstart Democrat Ned Lamont and GOP-backed Independent Joementum (the Republicans ditched Schlesigner for Joe when Ned beat his ass the Democratic primary).

The dynamics of American Facism... I think the best bit is at the end. Classic fascism is really a kind of reactionary modernism -- industrial mass society, one-to-many communication, etc, combined with reactionary and xenophobic politics -- whereas in our particular moment we are witnessing something far more insidious and strange: reactionary post-modernism. How else can one explain the break between the organized Right-wing in the US and what they disdainfully call "the reality-based community."


Why do I get the credit for the Church of God thing? Was I drunk blogging again - I've never seen that before in my life.... I don't think anyway...

Oh shit, that was from my boy Samuel Taylor, who I unrelatedly also blogged about afterwards. I'll correct the link post-haste.

At least I spelled your name right this time.