"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Saturday Sun

After pissing down all yesterday, the sky has opened up. Time to take a last chance to visit with nature sans-rain slicker. Time to clean the gutters!

I spent a quiet evening at home, lounging in front of the fire and contemplating/introspecting. The Love question is getting bigger and bigger in my mind. I've started trying to date -- a truly atavistic endeavor for me -- with mixed results so far; really just getting back out there, as they say.

Still, it's more than enough to remind me what I miss about womanly companionship; enough to set me off on reminiscing, and wondering when and from whence the next big bolt of romantic electricity will come. Who knows. Who knows.

I've had a lucky and full life in love thus far, maybe more than my fair share -- though really I don't believe this is something in finite supply -- but I'm still hungry, dammit.


It's a problem man. I believe I once commented to you on our need to stop trying to sleep with random chicks we meet on the bus and rather attempt to find solid women of high intellect and good character, lest we end up dying alone shanked to death for our bindles in a cold nebraska alley. No transient wife our children to protect us in our drunken stupors. I think we were about 23 then. Getting on close to 30, I think neither of us has ever had a relationship that lasted in excess of a year. Prisoners of our own perpetual nervous dissatisfaction and general shiftiness, we remain very much alone. We;ve gotta couple of years to swing for the romantic fences before it's time to put the mail order into Belarus.

True indeed, although I try not to be too down on the choices I've made. I mean, I love my life, and I've been in love a couple of times which is lucky and amazing in and of itself.

For me, this is part of the whole puzzle of my postmodern life. We haven't been given many guidelines to follow. We're not going to marry our high school sweetharts (if we even had any), and we weren't packed off to college with the expectation of finding a mate. So we have to confront this very tricky question of how an independent adult behaves towards the opposite sex.

It's a doubly hard thing, because the last four years (from 23 to 27) have been at least as big a change as the four years of college in terms of how I think about myself and the world. Lots of moving targets. Very little certainty.

But yeah, I'm all for swinging for the fences.