"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

What is Compassion?

We've all heard that George W. Bush is a compassionate conservative. I remember hearing that phrase a lot on AM radio back in 2000 when my summer job had me driving Bill's old Oldsmobile Cutlass around a lot. AM was all I got and inevitably I grew tired of golden oldies and tried out talk radio for a lark. But I never really understood what "compassionate conservative" means.

Well, thanks to Boy George's own website, and a tip from the impeccable Daily Kos I now know. To Bush, compassion means talking to black people.

I'm not kidding. Check the link out. Better than 90% of them are Bush making nice to brown people. Nothing else. That's what's listed under "compassion." It just fits in so well with the neo-colonial worldview wrt. Iraq. George W. Bush: Taking Up The White Man's Burden. Fitting that Kipling's poem was in response to the US occupation of the Phillippines, which has been suggested as perhaps an informative historical example of what our desire to improve other nations hath wrought in the past.