"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Moustaches for a Majority

An idea who's time has come:

And this is the brilliance -- it is a conversation starter, and the conversation that it begins will be a vital one that you might not otherwise have had about the importance of a Democratic majority. The conversation might begin, "Hey, so you decided to grow out your moustache, eh?" or "Couldn't help but notice you're lookin' like a slovenly idiot nowadays, what's that about?" But from there, the answer immediately turns the conversation to your explanation -- they will laugh, it will be a fun conversation, and yet by the time you're finished you will have had exactly the kind of person-to-person contact that is so valued by campaigns everywhere, and perhaps the person who so admired your 'stache will now be much more inclined to vote, to volunteer, or to support your local Dem candidate. And, as noted in #1, the whole process was hilarious.