"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

The Kids are Coming Up From Behind

Quick meta-notes: my prestigious google ranking for the keyphrase "authentic experience" is not long for this world, methinks. Couldn't be eclipsed by nicer folk though. ;)

I did some good work today on the Drupal for Firebug project, which my colleague Matt has been rocking. It's interesting getting into new technological territory in terms of writing extensions for Firefox. Still following reliable trailblazer John Reisig, one of the real shining lights of the internet. Big ups and terrorist fist-jabs for him.

It's got me thinking about how much I'm over this old Dirtstyle website. Coming into the Autumn, I feel the need to start living the dream a bit more, even if that means experimenting around the margins of what the dream might entail. Fortune favors the bold, and I think it might be fun to work on my own website as a project. My entrepreneurial activities of the past two years have sucked a lot of the joy out of the web for me, and that's a real shame. Doesn't have to be like that.

This might also a good way of getting back into a regular writing pattern. I've realized that this (writing) is something I'd like to keep up, and that in the longer-run, maybe I can have some of my career based around writing english rather than writing code. That or I'll hit the high grade one of these days and can start living that charmed boho life that suddenly becomes possible when you've got a pile of cash on reserve. Ah, dreams.

Got some new home-tat ink last night, two parallel lines on my right inner calf, suggestive of the mark you get from bike-chain grease rubbing off on your leg, a stolen notion from Frank. It's strange how people's skin takes it differently. I was feeling bummed last night about how i couldn't get very dark coloring, but woke up to find that once the swelling went down the ink had expanded sub-dermally. Kellymundo on the other hand gets the full effect in real time. A few more of these and I'll probably be ready for someone else to use a machine on me.


You caught me. ;)

Speaking of which, what inspired you for coming up with that keyphrase anyway?