"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."


You know, I was just sitting in my bathtub, contemplating a reading list, thinking about how to start spreading the word about what's wrong with the way the Bush administration deals with the rest of the word... and here comes my man Dean with some serious ammunition.

I aussme a lot of my readers probably don't follow the campaign super closely. Myself I've been a bit out of touch with the daily media stuff; dead trees and talking heads don't get a lot of attention from me anyway, and I've been pretty busy. But the Washington Post ran a very critical editorial of Dean's foreign policy speech yesterday in which they suggested that his views were outside the America mainstream. This is his response.

A critical presidential campaign is now underway. Americans face a choice between two very different views of our role in the world. My agenda returns security policy to its fundamental course: protecting Americans and advancing our values and interests -- democracy, freedom, opportunity and peace -- through effective partnerships and global leadership, as well as military strength.

The current administration strays wildly from this course and from the time-honored manner of pursuing it. In the end, I believe it will be clear who is in the mainstream and who is swimming against the tide of history.

I've been so caught up in movement politics, I forgot the spark that started it all for me. The doctor is IN!* Can we bring that one back, 'cuz e're getting down to it now people; this is how you win the 2004 campaign air war. Two-fists and don't back down. We are right and Bush is wrong, those are the facts.

* by that I mean he's here and present and giving us his A game, not that he's already the nominee or anything