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Drupal 7 In The House

So here's round one of the change I was talking about: I've upgraded to Drupal 7!

This is still beta software, so bugs are to be expected, and I've already stubbed my toes in a few places. Have some ideas for ways to improve things too. Nothing like "scratching my own itch" to get the contribution train rolling again.

Also worth noting, the yeoman's work of the update (as well as some data-migration of my old wordpress content) was undertaken by the fine folks at ToDrupal.com. I don't know if their business model will be sustainable or scalable, but I've been chatty with Arshad, the Maritus-based man behind the brand, for more than a year now, and figured since he was looking to start this new project that I'd give it a shot. Since I don't have much time for tinkering these days, having them step in an get the ball rolling is the only reason I'm able to make this update.

Thanks to Arshad, the first and hardest piece is done. I created a quick subtheme off the wonderful Bartik default (everyone owes Jen Simmons a beer) so that I could have a wider content area (and a place to keep innovating from there) and I will probably be taking further steps in the days and weeks to come. It's a nice theme, but it needs to get outlandished-up a bit methinks. ;)

My initial impressions actually using Drupal 7 have been good. I'm already feeling frustrated by suddenly being a n00b again after the better part of three years mastering version 6, but the new interface clearly has a lot of potential, and I can't wait to get my hands dirty with all the under-the-hood upgrades.

The bigger ambition here is of course to build myself a better place to blog, and coax out better prose thanks to refurbished surroundings. As my man Nick Lewis points out, "I'm going to give some love to my blog" is the technorati equivalent of "I'm going to start going to the gym more" (which I also need to do come to think of it) so we'll see how well that works out. High hopes as always though.