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Catch The Show

My old buddy Robin Jacksaphone is blowing through with his traveling band, the Vagabond Opera. They've been doing a west-coast circuit for the past couple years, and are getting really tight. There's some great musical virtuosity and showmanship on display. Highlights include Skip the judo master of the Cello and the opera battles (really!) between Eric and Leslie. Everyone's got zazz.

Watching their show last night reminded me what talent really means, and how performance can be a transcendent act. You look at someone differently after seeing that kind of thing transpire; the rockstar effect. There were parts in this show where I would involuntarily/incredulously drop my jaw, that made the top of my head tingle. And now I have a teenage schoolgirl band crush on Leslie, of course. She sings some songs in French!

Anyway, this was the opening night of their tour, so things just get better. The rest of the dates are:

  • September 27th: Petaluma, CA
  • September 28th: Sutter Creek, CA
  • September 29th: Santa Cruz, CA
  • October 1st: Monterey, CA
  • October 2nd: Los Angeles, CA
  • October 4th: Alta Dena, CA (Los Angeles)
  • October 5th: Santa Monica, CA
  • October 6th: San Diego, CA
  • October 7th: San Francisco, CA
  • October 9th: Berkeley, CA
  • October 10th: Ashland, OR
  • October 12th: Portland, OR

Details on their website. I strongly recommend the SF show, which will be at Amnesia, which will be a great venue for them.

At a higher level, as my friends and cohorts move on through their paths in life -- careers, PhDs, families, etc -- it's really amazing to see the wonderful things people get into. It makes me want to step my own scene up a notch.