"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

The 4th Estate

Just a reminder that a vigorous free press is an essential component to successful democracy. If you think the US press is being thorough and objective in its job, you might ask yourself why you'll only see Salam Pax on the BBC. One would assume that getting direct contact with the people over there is an important part of covering the story, but I can't say I've ever seen any non-exile Iraqi speaking on American newsmedia.

The US press establishment is a deeply diseased entity, dying even. For a long time I've been hoping that shame would jolt them back to life; and there's surely time for this to happen, but I'm beginning to loose my optimism on this one. People, it's bad.

Krugman's got a bit on this in todays Times, especially with regards to how it pertains to the coverage of politics. When a freakin' economist can deliver so many burns to the political journalism establishment, you know something ain't right.