"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Revolution Redux

Zack Exley, a much bigger fish than me, is calling for the revolution (part 1, part 2), which is pretty neat. I haven't had my head there in a while.

There's this old post from MFA that was a stab at an agenda, and there's this old saw, plus wordpress blog posts filed under #revolution, which didn't really get off the ground.

But it's hot that Exley is beating the drum. He's a sort of elder statesman here. I'll see if maybe this can synch with The LC 2.0...

UPDATE: The game inside congress is going to be HOT too.

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I Can Do A Dance That Will Make The Sky Cry Blood


I've been running a Karma deficit for a while. I've been taking a lot from the world, leaning heavily on various connections. This is necessary at times, but after a while down in that k-hole you lose some self-respect, you start to worry about burning up all your social capital. You start struggling -- the most important thing is to stop struggling -- and you dig in even deeper. It can turn into quite the little negative feedback loop.

I think I'm back on top of it now though. I have done some contributing to my favorite open-source project, where my #drupal karma was waaaay off. I helped Mark out with the Sixto surgery fundraiser, which felt especially good as I was the one horsing around with the dog when he had the accident. I need to dig in and do some shitwork at the office, where I've been leaning too hard on my colleagues, but just knowing that I think I can get it right.

The world is a nicer place when you're a nice person. It's true: look it up.

Life, or at least life-well-lived, is partly about Service. Often times I take that word with demeaning overtones. My first thought is Wal*Mart and the condition of servitude implied by that which we call the service industry. My second thought is of the way I hate being with people who hassle waiters even when they're not paying us enough attention. But there's another side to this -- which would probably be higher on my mind if I were a religious sonofabitch -- in that humanity is not an ego-centric enterprise.

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Sixto Wins!

Great success!

The Toe!

A thousand thank-yous to all the folks who chipped in to help offest the cost of Sixto's amputation surgery. With an average contribution of $47, Mark has raised just over a thousand dollars in just under a week. Truly an amazing affirmation of human decency.

I know that Mark is blown away and ultra grateful to everyone. We'll be posting some new pictures and a big thankyou thing on the chipin page I think. He says Sixto is recovering very well.

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Amendment To The Previous

After posting that last bit from Bryant Park, fortune smiled and I got a call and my date worked out; good improv comedy + wine bar x good conversation = just what the dr. ordered.

Also, second round of meetings also went well, almost too good to be true.

I lead a charmed life.

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Ice Skates, Deja Vu

I'm witting on the side of an ice-skating rink near Times Square, getting down with the big free wifi.

I've been seeing people I think I know everywhere, long-lost people. It's not really them, just similar humans, but something in my brain is making me think it's them. My dad in the little bar at LAX. Kayla Van Allen on the Subway. Rachel Goens skating around Bryant Park... who knows who's next.

It looks like my date for tonight is a no-go. I had dug up and old old flame -- one of those ones you wonder about forever -- on the myspace (once you start, it's hard not to keep going) and seen that she was back living in NYC and single. The last time I saw her she was leaving the state with a boy, and I made a bit of an ass of myself. So naturally I asked if she wanted to have a civilized cup of coffee while i was in town, and it seemed to be working out, but the thread went cold after settling on this evening as the time.

C'est la vie. I didn't expect anything, but it would have been neat to see.

My spirits are still high. My meeting went quite well and I have another tomorrow, and after getting a solid 7 hours of sleep I no longer feel like an alien in my skin.

Anyway, I'm loving the city energy. More than the 24-hour nature, more than the presence of hundreds of thousands of beautiful women, more than the art and architecture and culture, I miss swimming in ambition. This is missing in the HC, and I think it's part of what I missed in San Fran (where the only ambition is weirdo computer "get rich" ambition... not my cup of tea), or at least that's what I'm feeling now.

Anyway, public goods are good. It's good to be in the mix.

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Why I Distrust Barak Obama

This is exceedingly clever work:

Barak Obama is an excellent performer, on par with Reagan and Clinton before him. He's got a lot of people who are quite excited about him running for the White House in 2008, and he would most likely make a great and interesting candidate. However, I find that I distrust him.

Why? Because he's a cypher, in his own words "a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views." What leads to my distrust is not that he's unwilling to take a stand on any issue of substance, or that he has a habit of reiterating right-wing stereotypes about Democrats -- although those are annoying -- it's that he's deliberately and consciously crafting himself as a vessel for unfulfilled political desire, a non-reciprocating repository for the Public's most heartfelt hopes. I find it impossible to believe that this is not a matter of calculation, and I find it to be quite a turn-off.

In essence, his position amounts to "I'm Barak Obama, and I endorse my popularity, and want to support your belief in me to do Good Things." It's a smart, risk-averse tactic to take for now, and he's perhaps a convincing enough player to pull it off through most of the pre-primary heat. As I said, an Obama for President campaign would be a sure hummdinger, but I find this makes me nervous and pessimistic about his potential as a leader. I don't want yet another actor president.

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Big Apple

It's nice to be back in the land of ambition and public transport. I'm a little delirious from the over-night flight. It was some crazy United Luxury shit from LAX to JFK: a 757 with mostly 1st and biz-class seating with a little spit of 50 or so coach seats in the back, nowhere near full. They even gave out earplugs and eyeshades, but it still doesn't make 4 hours of half-sleep sitting up truly restful.

Damn. I used to be able to swing these things no problem. It's a little bewildering, makes me feel like a small-towner.

I made my way via the JMZ train to Atlas, an old haunt of mine with crazy wifi. I'm going to head into town shortly to check out the new Advomatic offices and maybe find a couch to nap on for 20 minutes.

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Off To NYC

Got the boys up here safe and had a productive Sunday doing finances -- expect a year-end report -- and some brainstorming for our big upcoming project.

I'm all packed now. Tomorrow we work the day on this stuff, then I get on an overnight flight to Nueva York. Got a lot to look forward to there, and I can't wait to dip my toe back into the swift city water.

Although there is big business on deck -- I'm getting my flight via a potential client -- I'm not bringing the Suit, but I am bringing all my new Humbolt Hipster/Edgy Biz-Cas stuff. I think that will work better for me.

I'm really stoked at how good the Sixto fundraiser is going. Really awesome to see how people are willing to help out, and that this stuff can totally work. I'll write more about why this is so good, maybe even on my work blog.

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The Sixto Experience

Sad Sixto

Just helped Mark make a ChipIn page to help cover the cost of amputating Sixto's leg. After breaking a ligament about a month ago, his stiff-leg just wasn't going to work.

He's a real trooper and everyone expects a full recovery, but the cost of the surgery and medication will be in excess of $1,000, which is more than Mark earns in a month working as an academic mentor for AmeriCorps.

Mor info, photos, and another link to contribue. Every $5 helps.

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On The Question of Impeachment

With Democrats set to take over the congress in 2007, there's obviously a lot of interest and wonder in the prospect of impeaching President Bush. I'm not a fan of this idea.

There are several reasons why I don't think it's especially great goal to pursue which I'll list, but I want to point out that the idea that impeachment is "off the table" is clearly bunk. It's in the constitution so it's on the table, the question is whether or not this is something that should be pursued specifically. I think not.

Why? Well here's a list of my reasons:

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