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Big Apple

It's nice to be back in the land of ambition and public transport. I'm a little delirious from the over-night flight. It was some crazy United Luxury shit from LAX to JFK: a 757 with mostly 1st and biz-class seating with a little spit of 50 or so coach seats in the back, nowhere near full. They even gave out earplugs and eyeshades, but it still doesn't make 4 hours of half-sleep sitting up truly restful.

Damn. I used to be able to swing these things no problem. It's a little bewildering, makes me feel like a small-towner.

I made my way via the JMZ train to Atlas, an old haunt of mine with crazy wifi. I'm going to head into town shortly to check out the new Advomatic offices and maybe find a couch to nap on for 20 minutes.

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Kick some ass Josh, and welcome back!