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I Can Do A Dance That Will Make The Sky Cry Blood


I've been running a Karma deficit for a while. I've been taking a lot from the world, leaning heavily on various connections. This is necessary at times, but after a while down in that k-hole you lose some self-respect, you start to worry about burning up all your social capital. You start struggling -- the most important thing is to stop struggling -- and you dig in even deeper. It can turn into quite the little negative feedback loop.

I think I'm back on top of it now though. I have done some contributing to my favorite open-source project, where my #drupal karma was waaaay off. I helped Mark out with the Sixto surgery fundraiser, which felt especially good as I was the one horsing around with the dog when he had the accident. I need to dig in and do some shitwork at the office, where I've been leaning too hard on my colleagues, but just knowing that I think I can get it right.

The world is a nicer place when you're a nice person. It's true: look it up.

Life, or at least life-well-lived, is partly about Service. Often times I take that word with demeaning overtones. My first thought is Wal*Mart and the condition of servitude implied by that which we call the service industry. My second thought is of the way I hate being with people who hassle waiters even when they're not paying us enough attention. But there's another side to this -- which would probably be higher on my mind if I were a religious sonofabitch -- in that humanity is not an ego-centric enterprise.

This is a real thing. It may be the Devil or it may be the Lord, but sooner or later... you know the rest. I don't dig on the sweet hereafter as a rationale, but I've got my own reasons, and that's enough.

Anyway, it feels good to give something back, and when I do it helps me out too. It clears me up inside, lets the energy flow through more clean and pure and high and right. When that happens, I start to exude those great contagious charismatic vibes, and my ability to focus gains strength; better things start happening to me. Maybe I'll get back into Yoga, really kick the whole thing into high gear.

It's been a very good week and my personal Tarot is running strong; feels as though the logic that "Protecting yrself from sadness prevents you from happiness" is finally filtering down from the top of my brain and into my heart and guts. This is a positive development, and I can't help but be excited by the stirrings of impossible optimism within.

Here's hoping this is a trend for '07. Stay tuned to find out.


i can also attest to the fact that you get upset when a person complains to a friend and not the waiter when he feels aggrieved by the policies pursued by certain waitstaff.
big ups on the karma, though...

We all know you've never worked an honest day in your life and have no sympathy or understanding for the common man. ;)