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Firefox Goes 1.0 -- Download it Now

Firefox is the community-built web browser from the Mozilla foundation. You want it. It's fast, renders pages beautifully, is insanely standards-compliant, and it doesn't feed into any organization's potential (or active) plans to dominate the world wide web.

The internet was meant to be Free, but it only remains so as long as we make it that way. Firefox performs as well (or better) than any other browser I've used, and growing the userbase makes a strong case for Open standards, Public code, and a Free internet.

These things are all very important as we move forward into the information age. If you don't think the net is going to change human life as much as the steam engine, think again, and then think about what that will mean if a single corporation (or oligopoly syndicate) is allowed to dictate the terms.

Dig this kind of shit? Be an evangelist.

If you're already a Firefox user (as I've been for the past several months), upgrade today. If you use Safari, IE, or Netscape seriously give it a shot. It's stable, pretty, and fast. Try it out for two weeks and see if you don't love it. Strike a blow for a free web and get a better browser at the same time. You've got nothing to loose but your chains!

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