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You Can Check Out Any Time You Want...

Back in the Golden State.

Well, it really does start to feel after my last visit that I might get sucked back into the NYC life. I don't know when or how, but it seems rather undeniable that the value of the peer community there is something I can't pass on in life.

For now, I'm happy to try and work out a bicoastal lifestyle. I don't want to move again; I just want to get back more often. I still want to continue putting down roots in the HC. It's got to be something beyond rambling this time.

That's a pretty lofty goal, but it's more real than owning land in the near to mid term. My ambitions are too impossibly large to be met in rural America. I can see a few ways this could all shake out, and I'm cautiously optimistic for now.


Sorry I missed you while you were here! Wanted to let you know I was inspired by your Sixto project when my cat got sick last night. In case there are any leftover do-gooders around, feel free to donate at
http://azrael.chipin.com/azraels-kitty-sickness .
Hope all is well on the left coast- you'll be missed at New Years!

Just move in with me when I move to NYC. It'll be like old times. You call me a name, I'll hit you over the head with a dictionary.

See, that might just happen.

Maybe you and I can set up a State of Jefferson retreat / NYC apartment circuit. You can go off there to write novels and I can house-site.