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When The Lord Made Me He Made A Ramblin' Man

Last night I tromped around in the woods with my roommate, us and her wolf-dog on a jump-roap leash, ranging on up and around Westhaven hill, cutting back through the creek bed by the Arts Center, and finally returning home to simmer up some steak bits with Larrupin' red sauce. An ideal evening in the Redwoods.

So it was with more than a little preemptive nostalgia that I had to break the news to Kells that I'd be probably moving out this summer. This decision came to me over the holidays, and I'd been digesting for a while, waiting for the right time to vocalize it. Much as I've loved my time here, and it's done some really good things for me, my future is pulling me back out into the world, and into the world I must go.

But no rush; I don't have a destination set yet, and I won't be clearing out until June or July. That'll make it four years in this place, the longest I've stayed anywhere since I was a teenage kid leaving the little Eugene house I grew up in for the big city. That was quite a while ago, but the idea of getting back out there has the same whiff of adventure.

I'll always have a little piece of my soul here in the HC, and hopefully will be back through to visit on a regular basis what with my company having an office and so many wonderful people around. Expect to be on the scene for 2010s Christmas party for sure.