"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."


I killed a deer on the way down. Never done that before. It was foggy, nothing I could really do about it. But it provoked an inetersting round of thought. I didn't stop. At fist it was just schock and the cars behond me that kept me driving, but quickly the rationalization engine kicked in: it was dark, there was a narrow shoulder, nowhere to safely pull off; the deer was most certainly going to die if not already dead, and there was not way for me to help that along. I've heard tell of friends pulling off to drag a wounded doe off the road and slit its throat to speed it's passing and clear the highway, but I was without a knife and there were four vehicles right behind me, and I would have had to drive ahead several miles to fined a good place to turn around and go back... I didn't see any realitic options.

So I arrived in time to catch the tail end of dinner in Weshaven, a good time for sure. Costume photos. Dance party. Beautiful people. I like the whole scene. Kelly's the master instigator, channeling the spirit of michael jackson and bringing it all together...

Everything swirls for a while in that great bohemian way, and by and by Mark and I end up talking it out around the fire. Recent history, current situations, future plans. We talk about serious possibilities; making biodiesel, making our own moonshine (Sustainable Booze), making our own piece of life that works.


Now leaving Drumm's in SF, my old neighborhood, the Bay Area scene. We had a little party, though i was on the phone helping Alonovo get off the ground for the first couple hours. It was a good time though; lots of comic moments and me being extra loud for people. I slept in the basement and now I'm good to go; hit the coffeeshop and then the road for Vegas.