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Off For The Weekend

I'm camping in Northern California for the weekend, then bumping around the Euge for most of next week. Somewhere in there I'll make a trip east to see my dad and then I'll either shuffle off the Black Rock City, or back down to the Bay, depending on whether and when the logistics come together.

Last night we hit up the good old Acme again. Tall blonde bartender guessed my height, which felt a little like flirting, but not really. Nick was there and he laid out the whole story of his father's death. I had been kind of afraid of this moment, but it was actually good to get it out in the open. Luke and I are going to help him move in to his Hastings law school apartment and then catch an overnight greyhound to meet Mark up near Arcata for a little time in nature. I'll catch y'all on the flip side.