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Wave o' Babies

It's on.

I suppose the natural follow up to a wave of weddings is a wave of babies. Trinity County Outlaws faceman Shamus just had his, The Mordecais report "Epidural and hard contractions now," and Frank Robbins VI will be upon the world soon.

Pretty neat! Congratz to all and sundry. I look forward to more opportunities to play non-blood-relation uncle (ala "Uncle Beefcakes" to the magic rollertots).


Freddie Robbins. Charlie Mordecai.

Growing up, I went ballistic when people spelled the freddy form of my name with an "ie" . I didn't know the word infantilizing back then, so i expressed my umbrage with fists.

Now I use both.

I'm still a little mad at my mom for this wig of a name.

are you kidding? the name fred is the cutest thing on this planet.
aka: chicks (strange one's like me, i guess) dig it; especially when it's synonymous with its entity.
embrace it, and be glad of that.
i adored you when i knew you, and to be honest i miss you. not in a socially uncomfortable way. i just think you're great.
i miss it a lot of what i had.
peace, brotha