"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

The War On Terrorism Is A Lie


What we do about Islamic fundamentalism is a topic we must deal with. I suspect that it will take a global effort and a willingness to deal intelligently with the impending global oil crisis. There will be other challenges as well, including potential wars and regional strife and any of the other things that have marked civilization from the beginning. All peoples must deal with such things.

But there is no war on terrorism. The nation is less secure because of this false construct. We are spending money we need not spend, making enemies we need not make and wasting lives we need not waste in the name of something that doesn't exist. That is as politically incorrect a statement as can be made in America today. But it's true.

It's a lie and a scam and a sham and a show, but it's a meal-ticket a lot of lazy fatbacks are riding, and which a lot of paranoid juicers are drawing power from. It'll be right hard to get rid of.

Our national leadership class is remarkably small and entrenched. They resist change and it's much easier to stop things than to start them. Yeah, the Democratic party is getting an infusion of new blood, and that's all good, but the revolution isn't really happening in any meaningful way.

Maybe we'll get healthcare though. That'd be nice.