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Two Butters and a Cheese

So after we got back from the show -- which we left a little too quickly, forgetting my credit card and possibly a couple phone numbers from dancefloor neighbors -- we faced the consequences of a crisis of collective action: "bachelor fridge" presented a problem.

We'd shouted and clapped and stomped and sang along with the band for a good hour and a half, which works up a powerful appetite, but we returned home with nothing to eat other than a small amount of (delicious) Indian food from 'round the corner, which was quickly consumed.

Crisis stimulates the creative imagination, so I invented some Mexican crepes, basically:

  • Flour tortillas
  • Peanut butter
  • Cream cheese
  • Butter (just a bit)
  • Jam (just a bit)

Make up your tortillas with the PB and CC, folded over like quesadillas and then fried in a cast iron skillet with a little butter, flipping two or three times. Serve with a spoonful of jam for dipping.

It's not a meal by any stretch of the imagination -- sort of the culinary equivalent to pornography, really -- but for that kind of moment it's perhaps the right kind of food. Certainly hit the spot after a jumpin' night out.

I'm starting to get a good feeling for things going forward. Change has been needed for some time, but I'm beginning to grasp the specifics, the habits of action to change, cease, institute, etc.

More on all this later, I'm sure. But I figured I'd share the recipe.


Did you mix the cream cheese and peanut butter, or were they separate crepes? Just wondering, though it sounds good either way, expecially after going out. Good to see you last week!

Great to see you too! Next time we'll have to have more than an hour.

I did mine half and half, and LGD did his homogeneously. They both worked, though the main takeaway was not to overload with too much stuff. Ideally you get a good mix of flavors from the jam, PB and CC as well as the butter-fried tortilla, rather than a mouthful of sweet/salty goup (which was what one of mine was).

This sounds like from the same cookbook as "mexican cereal," which is crunched up chips in a bowl with cheese, salsa, sourcream, beans, whatever else. eaten cold with a spoon... a keogh family favorite.

You people truly are a different breed. I can picture the whole scene perfectly. Beautiful.