"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."


So the conventional TV season is starting up (I watched Lost and BattleStar Galactica last time around) which means I'm firing up my bittorrent. I'm curious how early I'll be able to get stuff here on the west coast. Depending on torrent speed, maybe close to real-time!

So, to that end, I'll be firing back up my torrentfeed (which will also pick up torrents for new episodes of The Wire and other HBO shows I dig, plus the odd film). I'll also be posting some sort of essay defending the morality of this behavior, since a buch of squares and duped-teenagers seem to thing that this is somehow theft.

Anyway, that and a new site design, and hopefully some Rebel Unicorn info this weekend.


so what's your take on the latest season of lost? think they'll ever resolve anything or stop finding new people on the "island"?

I haven't gotten to watch either of the episodes yet. I will most certainly post when i do.

Part of my idea for the Rebel Unicorn is to try and create aggregates of all the writers (it's a sort of next-gen group blog concept) on topics like culture, politics, relationships, etc.

I know so many smart people who are good writers who's keen observations and insight whither in obscurity. Not that we'll get famous or anything, but putting all the good stuff together might help it get noticed...