"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

The Truth is Out There

I didn't see the program, but apparently last Friday on Nightline, anonymous Team Bush sources more or less admitted that the case for making war with Iraq was a sham, that many overstatements (some would call them lies) were made for emphasis, and that the real purpose for the war was to display American force to the Middle East, combatting a perceived post-9-11 weakness.

The Bush administration decided it must flex muscle to show it would fight terrorism, not just here at home and not just in Afghanistan against the Taliban, but in the Middle East, where it was thriving.

So this really was about "showing them who's boss." Not the Iraqi's per se, but them. Nice to see we've got our best and brightest at the helm in these troubled times.

Elsewhere, ABC's "the Note" is running a section with messages from the various Democratic campaigns. Dean's delights, showing both humor and savvy: his is the only with hyperlinks.