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Time Warner Cable: Totally Incompetent

Well, I take the day off from work and stay home for my appointment (noon to 6pm window) and no one shows up. Call the helpdesk and there's no record of anything happening, no record of an appointment, nothing. The account is still under the wrong name. It's like dealing with a fucking robot. The people who I talk to are not empowered to actually do anything to deal with my problem; they're stuck with the same broken database that's causing the issue in the first place.

The glaring truth is that Time Warner (along with a lot of other large businesses) have automated their institutional knowledge, and have done so in a way that creats errors and which prevents their human customer service agents from correcting problems. They've done this primarily to reduce costs.

They have a monopoly so I cannot take my business elsewhere, but as a consumer I really want to punish this business for being so thoroughly incompetent. It's what the market would want me to do.

Anyone have any ideas?