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Tech Note: Use FireFox pre-release w/Leopard

A quick nerd-note. Since upgrading to my new laptop, which came with the new version of the Mac OS, Leopard, I've been stymied by the fact that drop-down menus don't always work in FireFox. Basically, select form elements on a lot of sites (including Basecamp, which we use for work) don't drop-down when you click them. You can still switch the settings using the arrow keys, but this is unpredictable and a pain.

Anyway, leaning on my ever-expanding reach of A-list contacts, I hit up Mr. Ponderer and he pointed me to the nightly build ftp spot. The package has dropdowns working fine and isn't unstable in any other ways I've observed yet. Plus, you can run some pre-release software, which is worth at least two or three geek credits.

So, just in case anyone has this problem. Maybe google will send them here and find a solution.


yo, wolfpak #2,

I also just picked up a new lappy (i opted for the white version and upgraded my ram to 4gb for the same cost - don't you know that black macbooks are out now, natch!)

Wondering how you dealt with all sorts of other sync up issues? This is really a best practice thing. did you just selectively choose programs, music, etc. to put on the new lappy, or do a whole carbon copy.

Also, why use bootcamp and why not parallels?

I for one am looking forward to outlook, because as much as it depresses me to use it, it syncs up with everyone else's calendars.

thanks for the build note, though. the first thing I did was download FFox and take Safari off of that crappy looking dock.

If I'd had the option, I would have done the sync copy at the beginning, but the Sprite ate through my power circuitry before that could happen. 4GB of ram is very forward-looking of you. If i weren't in a mad rush I might have thought of that.

As for bootcamp vs parallels: the beauty of parallels is that you can run two OSs simultaneously. (Simultaneous lovin'). You can also have any number of "virtual machines" via parallels (e.g. a windows xp, a vista, a second mac, a linux, etc) should you ever feel the need. I like it. Boot camp means you need to reboot to switch, but on the other hand it's free, so there's that.

Going to outlook sounds like a concession to the b-school borg. :) There are some new features in mail/ical you should check out for calendaring, but honestly I don't use that stuff too much. I keep a chalkboard. Lo-fi till I die.

Thanks for the tips. BTW, we're using Wrike http://www.wrike.com/ instead of Basecamp. Try checking it out. It's got some better features, like task tagging and stuff.