"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Sunday Sun

I'm savagely hung-over and I lost a credit card, but the suspicion is that the plastic wandered off somewhere in Vermont; Winooski, those tricky fucks. I think I said goodbye to a lot of people last night. I also think I might have been somewhat of an intoxicated ass. I don't quite know for sure.

Everything is flexing now; the past month like an extended acid trip, or something equally ineffable. I can't summarize, and I don't want to other than to say "I'm moving." It works on a lot of levels -- thinking now of Britt's core principle that the best response to trouble is acceleration, about my own little self-mantra, "Trust in the divinity of your forward momentum." It's a remix of Kerouac -- believe in the holy contour of life -- like a lot of my axioms of living.

I rode around the city yesterday, sorry to leave it. Fall has always been my favorite season here. I'm heading out just as the good stuff gets started; feel like crying a little bit.