"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."


I took yesterday mostly off of work. My bestest friend who is a girl Julia is visiting our household for a couple days, and so we made Hungarian Goulash and then abducted Mark to see 300, which is awesome.

I'll have more to say about other things, but I want to put one thing out there. Anyone who sees that movie and doesn't want to grow a beard is a pussy.

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You liked it, did you? Some people liked it that I did not expect. Personally, it failed to get me pumped, and so I think its goal failed. It's a perfectly beautiful graphic novel adaptation, but I am so ambivalent about it. On the one hand - rockin' fighting. On the other hand - very warmongering and kind of silly. For honor? For glory? Certainly the second one is not necessarily something I think should be fought for in a war. If you want to discuss it or something, e-mail me.

I don't think the movie made Yuliya want to grow a beard - obviously he/she is a pussy. (don't blame me! - Josh said it.) How can you say there's something wrong with fighting to keep your people free from an emperor-god who will enslave many of your people and take all your political power as a people away?

Personally, I don't need a movie to give me more than a couple hours of intense entertainment, but not only should 300 satisfy the bloodlust of all but the criminally insane, it also has an incredibly unique visual style that totally blew me away, helping to transport me through time and space to this comic book world come to life. Epic! Awesome! I loved every minute.

Growing my beard is easy enough, but I don't know what to do about my little tits.