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The Soreness

Made a return trip to the gym yesterday evening, after nearly a month of being lax and slacky. This was following a day of working at the the coffeeshop in town, so without any bike ride to warm up with I started on the recumbant cycle for 10 mins, then moved through a pretty standard weight circult (chest, arms, shoulders, chest, back, arms) in about 45 minutes, and finished with another 15 minutes on the stand-up cycle.

I generally don't use the stand-up because in my experience they're kind of uncomfortable relative to the recumbant, but the Community Pool isn't the highest-quality gym in the world and their recumbant doesn't let you make the ride harder. The practical outcome is that in order to get much of a workout you have to push 100+ rpms for a while. On the other hand, the stand-up cycle has a great set of longhorn bars, which let you stretch out forward while you proj, which is sort of what my body wants to do after the weights: a sort of cyclists child's pose to close it out. Worked good.

About midway through I felt like I was going to die, likely a result of stirring up my lymph system, which has been fighting a cold since my weekend in NYC. This happens when I don't ride for a while too: I get a pounding sensation in my face centered around the sinuses after the first big uphill, and then it fades. Next time I ride, assuming that's within the week, it's much less sharp, or gone alltogether.

So today we have the soreness, and tomorrow we'll go back.

Tomorrow we'll also see the Vagabond Opera, which my oldest friend Robin is in. Should be good times down at humbrews.


Sweet....the Vagabond Opera is in Eugene on the 20th. Will go and give kudos to Robin.