"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Sons of Anarchy

Um yeah. Ultra-cheezy title. Ultra-questionable premise.

Ultra-awesome show.

See, you get good actors and a decent budget, and give the creative types (writers, directors, etc) enough room to be dangerous, all of a sudden something worthwhile might happen. It won't likely be a mega hit, but it will likely be good. And that should recoup a decent budget. And then you make money and produce quality culture. Win!

(Also, wikipedia informs us that the original working title was Forever Sam Crow, further confirming that marketing douchebags are generally worthless; had they stuck with that I'd have had to come up with a different counter-positive to lead off my post.)


I like the Sam Crow Forever title a lot better, Sons of Anarchy has about as much edge built into it as polygrunge.

Indeed, the marketing of the show was pretty dismal. It wasn't until I got several word-of-mouth recommendations that I checked it out, and lo and behold, quality! I mean, it's a saga of outlaw bikers based on Hamlet!