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Something Interesting

I wish I had something interesting to write. I'm still resting and taking penicilin. My throat and fever seem much better, but my lymph nodes are still slightly swollen and my gums are inflamed, especially back around my wisdom teech (ouch!). So I still feel kinda crappy and the pain from the gums puts me in an awful bad mood.

I talked with Luke and Mark briefly last night and it looks like I'll be heading up to get ready to go on the road in a week. Assuming I continue to recover my health, I'm looking very much forward to this.

Other than that I've been bored. I've been doing some work and will be doing a lot more over the next week, but mostly I'm just kind of frustrated and filled with ennui. I'm tired of looking at political web sites; it's no longer entertaining or really all that engaging. I think about vacation and that's tiring too. I don't want leasure, I want a new passion. I'm sure I could use some rest, but frankly I can't stand to lay about any more. Action! Adventure! Excitement!

Oh well. Maybe I'll walk to the bank.