"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

So Much To Say

I've got to catch up; there's a lot to blog about:

  • A week of Chapter Three
  • A week until the election and what that's all about
  • From inside the mind: dusting off old philosophies, and also paralyzed by babes (discussions of a pattern)
  • House news: gimpy Sixto, new loft bed, Zya returns
  • Older stuff: Robin's band's show, Frank and Laura's wedding, etc etc etc
  • Anyway, I'll probably never write it all, but I'll try. Lately I've been reading this Kesey book, Demon Box, which is interesting. It's stuff he wrote all after the Electric Kool-Aid heyday, from when he was on his family's farm in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. It's resonating with my home-building/nesting vibe. Still trying to find my groove out here, but getting closer all the time I think.