"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Slippery Slope

Just so we don't loose track of why it's important to be involved in these times, here's proof that America can stand some improvement: Judge baselessly accuses a Lebaneese woman of being a terrorist, she faints in courtroom. He's trying to pretend he was joking now. And all this just up in Westchester!

What the hell is this? Why, it's the USA flag hot air balloon. Oh, man... what can I say. The subhead: symbol of empty patriotism, full of hot gas, manages to satirize self.

In further realms, the Dixie Chicks were booed again at the Country Music Awards, and jingo-singer Toby Kieth came away a big winner, but (gossip gossip) wasn't there to accept, even though he and Willie Nelson played a duet earlier in the evening.

Which brings me to the important issue. What the hell is Willie Nelson doing playing on stage with Toby Keith? First the GAP ad, and now this. Willie, if you need money, just ask, ok? Nobody wants to you debase yourself like this. Have a little pride, man!

And finally, a question. Why can't Stephen Hawking dance?

He's white.

(it's a joke. s'posed to be funny, yo)