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Of Site Plans And Politics

This weekend in addition to writing three critical documents for my job, I plan on re-launching this site and beginning to ride the Rebel Unicorn. That probably means another weekend in Westhaven, but with a trip to NYC looming next week I don't have much desire to try and run all over town.

I've been thinking through the nitty gritty of how to structure a community blogging page. The technical details are pretty easy thanks to the power of Drupal. It'll give me all the flex I need to set it up, and room to grow going forward (identity services being top of my pipe-dream wishlist).

But the bigger question is: how should it be set up for users? How about visitors? I've got ideas. I might draw pictures, or I might just do it and see what happens.

It's fuckin' ugly out there, folks. The US congress just passed a law legalizing <a href="http://www.davidcorn.com/archives/2006/09/this_is_what_wa.php'>torture, and stripping "unlawful enemy combatants" of their right of any kind of day in court. Who are these "enemy combatants?" Anyone the Decider decides they are.

My own appetitie for writing about this remains, and I still have an optimistic outlook on the situation, but I don't want to inundate my own page with this. I think what I may do is create a politics section on the Rebel Unicorn that can collect this (and others') posts about matters of state. The same content would be optionally viewable on individual users' pages too, of course, but I sorta want my own blog to go back in the autobio direction, and try to create a slightly more polished and thinky political section that I and others can use to try and say something meaningful.

Anyway, it's 8:30am now and time to get to real work. More soon, my pretties.