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Saddle Up!

Well, I have a ride to Black Rock City; they'll even let me take a bike. I roll from Eugene early Sunday morning with a couple 40-something theater women and a man from Venezuela. Now comes the arduous task of preparing my gear to go. My thoughts for barter items are still settling. Leading the pack:

  • Preparing some "index cards of wisdom" which I can give people or do dramatic readings of (Robin's suggestion)
  • Printing up some little zines of my and others quality writing to hand out, something for people to read in their downtime when the sun is too much
  • Making a run at brewing up a batch of the old opium tea, which is sinfully easy to concoct, and might just be a hit. Instructions for same might be good too
  • Sugar baco

If you've got other ideas, refinments to suggest, or perhaps even writing you'd like me to include in my little zine project, please contact me. I'm all ears.