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So I was looking at this old rusty Toyota, an '83 pickup with an improbably low 80,000 miles on it. That's nothing for one of those little suckers. It's a bit beat up and has some funked up parts as you might expect, but it runs real good. I was excited for a bit, but now I'm thinking not so much. It's just not enough car for $1,800.

I probably won't go for this one, but the process of checking it out seems to have flipped my switch for car ownership. I think I'm ready to take the plunge. The question is whether or not I go cheap and quick -- because there's a limit to how long I can spongue off my roommates for rides and I don't have a lot of extra capital atm -- or hold out until I have a little iron money in my pocket and get something nicer, more reliable, more interesting to drive.

I'll be looking...

Thoughts in no particular order:

  • Would like a light pickup. Something no bigger than old shifty, last summer's road trip rig. Good combo of hauling, sleepability, etc.
  • Would like something diesel, though that costs and limits options quite a bit.
  • Would like a manual transmission.

The real important thing is that I get something that runs, that can make the trip to SF and back, and that gets decent gas mileage. The rest is fluff, as this is a one year car I think; something to keep me going around here while I decide whether or not it's worth it to buy a real rig.