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Running from Rita

It's natural given the magnitude of the last hurricane that people will freak the fuck out over the next, especially as it's by all accounts a more powerful storm. However, we're not going to see a replay of NOLA because not many cities are as susceptible (or, in technical terms, "below sea level") to catistrophic destruction from a gulf storm. Hell, the Carribean get shammered several times a year and life goes on.

On the other hand, as we continue to watch the slow slide of climate change, this might become a more regular thing. Rising ocean temperatures mean more energy to kick up the wind. It's basic thermodynamics. Though the American imagination will likely fixate on the potential for a "Superstorm" of some kind, what's more likely is a rising average strength, a slow grind of property damage. The upshot is that this may clear lowlying areas in advance of rising ocean tides.