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On The Road Again: Stockholm, Austin, Tempe

I'm exiting Estados Unidos once again, waiting for my flight to Stockholm. I've stocked up on Sudafed and Airborne, so with any luck I'll be able to give some coherent presentations Wednesday and Thursday. From there I fly back to the US, to Texas no less, to spend the weekend in Austin for another conference, and then a two hop trip back to California stopping in Tempe AZ for some work on-site at Arizona State University.

Generally speaking I like traveling to new places, or places I haven't been in quite some time (like Austin). Being sickly puts a damper on things, but hopefully I won't get any worse (it's just been a malingering thing, which is what the Doctor said to expect) and even though I can't party party party like I might like, the brain-shift from confronting new and different environs should provide some welcome stimulation.

And who knows, maybe I'll meet some dreamy lady out there in the world, get jolted awake from my jaded romantic somnambulance. Either way, Kudos are due to Frank for that link, the latest in a long string of evidence that being environmentally aware is fully mainstream in all sorts of exciting and depressing ways.