"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Reason #6741 The Jihad Could Win

So, Kellymundo has a subscription to Vanity Fair, which I happened to pick up (RFK cover story) in the bathroom today. This happens to be the issue with the crazy Miley Cyrus Photos!!!!! ZOMG BARE 15-YEAR OLD SPINE!!!!

Sometimes I'm ashamed of America. Sometimes it's because we start pointless wars of choice that kill thousands and leave millions homeless and destitute. Sometimes it's because we're so collectively sexually confused, repressed, frustrated, nervous, and (updated inre Joe's point in comments) desperately depraved, we can't fucking tolerate the challenge of, you know, Art.

Annie Liebowitz is the real thing, and this photo is completely respectable.

America, you're crazy baby but I love you.

Bonus Liebowitz: Sting portrait, and homo Arnold.

God we're stupid sometimes.


She didn't violate any moral dictates. She violated brand identity. We love our Ivory soap, we just don't want to find it in a box marked Rice Krispies.

Meanwhile, the real problem of promoting whoredom directly to the Miley set continues unnoticed.

Yeah. Sometimes the future doesn't look too bright.

I got all het up about the Miley thing. Cause you're right, that photo isn't really alacious at all. Unless the viewer is sexually excited by young teen girls. Which isn't Miley's fault, responisbility, or buisness now is it? And certainly she shouldn't be blamed or inicted or demonized because she chose to document her existance and her exposed back. Grr. I'm a feminist now.

Uh, and as a feminist, can I just say, Girlicious is tasty. That video's dumb, but not actually offensive. The very title "stupid shit", its not about a serious endevor, its about girls fucking around and having the right to dance in their underwear and jump on the bed or strip off their schoolgirl outfits in an alley after graffiting a car. Clearly, meant to titillate, but there's actually nothing explicit within the video, and those girls are all over 18 (if only recently). Its more silly than sexy. The problem is when littler girls want to do what those big girls are doing and their parents let them. And then some people who like little girls get excited and...we're back where we started. But again, its not Girlicious that's at fault there. 19 year olds jumping on beds in their underwear is not the cause of the downfall of society. People not feeling the need to take responsibility for their own reactions to those images maybe is closer to where the problem lies.