"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Reason #371 Wolf Blitzer Should Retire

People sometimes wonder why I dislike so much the newsmedia. Here's a very very specific example. Check this little clip from CNN. Blizter, while leading in to a talking head from Bush/Cheney04, plays a bit of the latest Bin Laden tape where he references Bush's reading "My Pet Goat" on 9/11. Blitzer's comment, "it sounds like Bin Laden's been watching Michael Moore's movies."

Here's my question: where or when in the process of dry-humping the half-conscious body of "journalism" did it occur to Blitzer that F9/11 was the most likely source for Bin Laden to get this information? And even if somehow in the white-flash of orgasm you did reach this conclusion, what possible relevance could the source of Bin Laden's knowledge of Bush's Tuesday-morning reading have in this situation? Really. I honestly want to know what the fuck he was thinking.

I realize it was news to many Americans who saw that film that the Prez remained paralyzed for a good seven minutes after learning that the towers had been hit, but just because the mainstream newsmedia elected not to air that footage in the name of national unity, that doesn't exactly make it a secret. They have the internet over at Al-Qaeda too. I'm sure they're familiar with Google, you pompous jackass. 9/11 was their coup de grace, their moment of triumph. One can assume they probably have the whole thing researched out the wazoo in terms of how it happened and what went down after.