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Project Runway Rerun Plus Todo List

Got to the season finale for Project Runway on the re-run tonight. It's been a household institution all summer. I like that neck-tatted Jeffery won. He wasn't my favorite early on, but as he got to be less prickly I liked him more.

Michael was who we were all rooting for, but his stuff just wasn't executed at the same level as everyone elses.

I also liked how they opened up everyone's lives a bit more. That Jeffery was a junkie isn't surprising, but it's a real thing. Oolie is from East Germany? Cramazing! I'm sure she'll do great in the future. You could see that everyone wanted to make money w/her.

And speaking of money, how much do you think Laura's apartment costs? What does her strange Einstein-looking hubby do? I'm sure the answers are out there; maybe someday I'll look.

Anyway, this show is I think one of the best-executed of all the reality programs. It seamlessly weaves trashy drama with personal career development and big-name product placement, and it's effective because it doesn't pretend to be what it's not, or hide what it is.

Ok, enough talking about TV. I'll write about Lost whever I watch that too. Flipping away from consumption to production, my todo list is ever growing:

  • Post about Vagabond Opera show: gypsy good times, del-arte kids, sarah's secret door and how it makes you feel like an arcata insider, petas and moonshine, dancing a stomp.
  • Post three or four think-pieces on my work blog.
  • Start creating election-time video. I want to do Ross Perot, but me; mainly talking to millenials about millenials and getting that whole revolutionary spirit going again.
  • Working on my new theme for the site, documenting the Rebel Unicorn.

That's the short list too.

And I have a company to bootstrap, and a few dim embers of a social life to fan. It's a lot, but I'm feeling good about things generally. More and more at home in my own skin every day, and looking forward to a gangbusters 2007.


Laura's husband is also an architect. I was thrilled that Jeffrey won, I loved him and his neck tattoo from the very beginning.

Ok, that was NOT what I expected to find you writing about! I have loved Project Runway since season one, but I'd never have pegged you for a fan! I loved Uli's collection, to my surprise, but wasn't surprised Jeffrey won. He really did get more likeable as he loosened up, didn't he?

Laura's husband is a quite well-respected architect named Peter Shelton: http://www.petershelton.net/

Ok, I think that's the wrong website. But I know he's a partner in the firm Shelton, Mindel.

In the immortal words of John Cena, you can't see me!