"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Politics is Messy

Yeah, I know. A lot of "politics" posting lately. I'm ramping up back into the profession and I need a place to ruminate.

There's a bit of a shakeup going on in the world of new-school liberal politics. It's odd to watch people I've met, and in some cases sort of know, and in some cases consider to be allies, friends even, end up smacking one-another around rhetorically. As the new blood moves into positions of power, conflict is inevitable. Crises precipitate change, but change often precipitates a crisis. Entropy is a Real Thing.

To be honest, I'm happy to not be directly involved in any campaigns for the '06 cycle. The only thing I'd consider doing would be local, and I'd only do it on a volunteer basis. I think there's an enormous amount of fighting to be done in reforming the establishment, in working out our coalitions and in setting long-term goals. Those are were my political passions lie, and the truth is that the tactical maneuverings of an-off year campaign are going to be 80% business as usual. To put it another way, I'm interested in working on the Public, not a candidate.

Someone's got to keep the Gonzo juice flowing.

I'm consciously shooting for something different with my political blogging going forward. Trying to find my value. Kevin Murphy told me a while back -- after he told me that he respected my work, but that he might have voted for Bush anyway -- that what made it worthwhile for him was that I've "been there." Zack told me in explaining why he appreciated my opinion that what made it work for him was that I'm coming at it from a point of view that centers around "our generation" and that I'm not a hack. John told me the other day that he's got punk-rock friends who tacked print out's of this MFA blog post to their wall. That's sobering.

Anyone else actually give my opinions any merit? Feel like telling me why? I'm not just fishing for ego-strokes. I'm contemplating a somewhat more professional writing/publishing venture, and I'm curious what people are hungry for.