"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."


I'm planning, getting a feeling for what I want to do here. The business is going to work out, and it's going to leave me with enough free time to do some other things. Projects. I'm looking forward to projects.

One of those is going to be a re-org of this whole "josh's website" business. I'm realizing how much of the supporting content for this site is neglegently out of date, think maybe moving to drupal and updaing a lot of the non-blog pages is in order. I'm also going to transplant my political writing... somewhere. Not completely, but I realize that I'm producing different kinds of content here and I want to take this site back to its roots as an individual gonzo institution. I think it will help me produce better stuff.

In a perfect world, the political content moves to a website I start as an effort to organize and develop and publicize my book idea. In a perfect world I also get to use the regular blog to be a real time autobio, which will partly be about the process of the other stuff I do. I think that will let me push things forward on multiple fronts.

So things will be moving and shifting. May be totally broke from time to time. Please bear with us in this time of transition.