"Undermining my electoral viability since 2001."

Oh Eight

We're headed square into the jaws of another presidential primary season. Bowers begins the roundup process, and it's looking like a lackluster affair all around.

I don't know what if any part I'll take in this. Probably not much other than to commentate, maybe do some stuff to try and alert my friends and family that John McCain and Rudy Guiliani are both pretty undesirable as presidents.

The other thing I want to do is try a little issue advocacy. I think using a similar process to the artistic cycle I outlined below, one could create a series of persuasive political message pieces that, in absence of an exciting campaign, might get the juices flowing.

Some topics I'd like to address:

  • Ending the occupation in Iraq, and generally why our foreign policy should be to diversify ownership of the 20th Century empire we built.
  • Free health care for everyone, because goddamnit it's time.
  • Pushing the Public and State to evolve and become more like the internet: free, open, transparent, inclusive, connective.

These ideas are not represented very well by any of the candidates at this point. Realpolitik says the #1 thing is winning, and I think there's an even chance of that, but I also think those chances improve if the eventual nominee is powered by an authentic decentralized network.