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My Pickup Truck Is Named Moammar

So as you know I got a pickup. I got insurance. I gotta get it once-overed again by a local mechanic and go to the DMV, but basically I'm in business.

Here's the proof:

Thus far the effects have been that I've gone to the gym five times in a row, gotten groceries thrice, and cooked dinner twice -- all way up over last years numbers. Whether or not this will help me stimulate a localized social/romantic life remains a question of my initiative and will, but it feels immanently possible.


Excellant Josh!
But you might consider putting some cushions on that couch before bringing any country honeys home to watch yard-tv with.

The couch is awaiting transfer the the dump. It got caught out in the rain one too many times.

Although yard tv is a good thing to put on the summer agenda. I think the real trick will be to do it with a projector...